03 Jul 2015

Introducing Mighty Jaxx Originals - MAITREYA

After nearly 3 years of working with artists on their designs, we are really itching to conceptualise our own characters, so it all comes down to this! Maitreya was created from our love for fat cats* and Asian culture**, Maitreya believes in spreading the unique message of love and peace to save the chaotic concrete jungle. Maitreya also loves occupying empty spaces and residing there for a long amount of time. That is fine since Maitreya is filled with lots of luck, wealth, friendship and all the sweet things. Hope you guys like it! Dropping this weekend.

* A fat cat resides in our studio, terrorising our sculptors.

** You know, from being Asians...

Limited pieces available at $40 each / Maitreya slouches at 5" tall


5TH JULY 2015