17 Mar 2021

Artist Interview: YEAHYEAHCHLOE

This week, we welcome a new artist on board the Mighty Jaxx roster, and she's none other than YEAHYEAHCHLOE!

Bright colors, witty visual metaphors, and a big personality – these are ingredients that make up the bold illustrations by the Brisbane based visual artist. Boasting a host of impressive collaborations with brands like Google, Nike Shanghai, Monki and more, her portfolio is as colorful as her art style. We had the honor of interviewing the artist herself, let's see what she has to say about her art and the toy that she will be launching with us on 20th March! Also, keep reading on for some special perks that you're gonna get only on www.mightyjaxx.rocks!
Artist interview with YEAHYEAHCHLOE

Hey Chloe, thanks for taking time to do this interview with us! First off, could you tell us a little more about your background?
Hello! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me! I am a visual artist currently based in Brisbane, Australia. I studied Visual Arts at Uni - but I didn’t really start taking my practice seriously until around about 2016 when I started playing with digital art mediums. I only took the jump into full-time artist a few years back and now I spend most my days moving between digital and painting and staring into my fridge.

What made you pursue art, and what does art mean to you?
I have always found so much satisfaction from creating things so pursuing it just kind of came from the enjoyment I got from creating it. It really ended up being a way for me to make sense of this wild world and it was a way for me to connect and find belonging.

Basketball Dumplings by YEAHYEAHCHLOE

We see a lot of mashed-up objects in your designs. Basketball dumplings, boob muffins, and of course, lollipop middle finger… How do you decide on what to put together?
Boob muffins is such a funny thing to see written in text. Usually they come from the connections I make – associations I make through my own experiences, my nostalgia, memories, the people I meet or the moods I feel. What I love about sharing these is that often there is a universal connectivity to them where other people relate in some way. 


You have a series that illustrates humorous and bizarre hand signs, in particular, the middle finger. Could you tell us more about these drawings, and what’s the idea behind them?
I feel like these hand signals are such a part of popular culture and how we communicate – and depending on how we feel, they can have different undertones - so I like to play with manipulating them and combining them with objects to really encapsulate the particular mood I am in at the time.

Sucker comes with 3 interchangeable lollies attachments!

We are very excited about our first collaboration with you! How do you feel about making a collectible toy?
Ah man ever since I started creating my digital artworks I have dreamt of seeing them in physical forms - so I am super hyped. It’s ticking something off the bucket list for sure.

Launching this Saturday, 20th March, at 9am EST

Tell us a little more about this piece that you are making with us!
I was clearly feeling a certain way when I created it. I think I was feeling so annoyed about something that I reverted back to like middle school Chloe when it was a thing to give people the finger and tell them to suck it. Those cheap love heart lollypops we used to get from the corner store combined so well with the middle finger and I felt like it particularly captured my mood at the time.

As an artist, what has been working out for you so far, and what are you working on?
Ah what’s been working…to be honest I think it has just been focusing on my work, that’s when things work out the best because the expectations are just to create work that satisfies my need to create - and anything beyond that becomes a really nice bonus. I have a few exciting projects I am working on but on a personal level I have made it a real aim to spend more time painting.

If you didn’t become an artist, what do you think you would be doing?
Maybe I’d be a Chef….a sad chef that spends all their time dreaming about making art.

Finally, how would you recommend that our collectors display this toy?
You could put it in your office facing the co-worker you don’t like, or you could maybe carry it around in your pocket and bring it out anytime you feel necessary. Really – just whatever makes you most happy when you look at it.

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