14 Nov 2018

Bold in Black and Gold

It's November (already!?!?) and for many, the first association to the month is Movember, a movement to raise awareness about men's health. While that's fantastic, many of us are no-stachios and simply can't grow a stache. So, extra as we are, we put together our own curated collection of black and white toys and called it Monovember. Just for fun. And our release this week fits right in. Also because Black Friday is coming this month *read on for a BFCM sneak peek*!

bma daruma prosperity edition lifestyle image

When it comes to monochromatic toys, simplicity does not equate to monotony! A black and white toy like this FLOW by 18 Uppercut can be a statement art collectible for any environment. Black is known to be the king of all colors for the Chinese, used widely by the royalties as a symbol of power, and consistently honored throughout the history of China. The Daoists also believe that the five colors make people blind, thus black became the color of Daoism, where the Yin Yang sign originated from. 

On a less serious note, black is the go-to color for fashion too. From the little black dress to the hypebeast culture, black reigns supreme in the world of fashion choices. It's easy to understand because it's hard to go wrong with this universally appropriate color. This reverence for black is also as the inspiration for Cheeky Mouse by Johnny Draco – a vinyl hypebeast of a rodent.

What about the 50 shades of grey (literally asking for a spanking with this pun) in between? For most millennials, the greyscale aesthetic exudes a sense of nostalgia which most of us did not have the chance to grow up with. The world of the internet has opened our eyes to vintage B&W movies and cartoons, and left us fascinated. So, an artwork like Play Yourself by Christian Brennan really reminds us of our childhood times when we played with old school video game consoles, and also the charm of vintage cartoons. 

For this week's release, it falls right into our Monovember collection as well – the gorgeous Bigger Micro Anatomic Daruma in a cool new Properity colorway. A black daruma doll with gold accents symbolises the beckoning of wealth and prosperity, thus the edition. And let's just face it, it simply looks dope AF with the new variation of face-paint pattern and colored eye. You can read more about Bigger Micro Anatomic Daruma's first colorway, the Red Edition, which was sold out within a week of its release!

We hope you enjoy this monochromatic collection of designer toys and we are looking forward to having more of such classic pieces popping up in the future. Now, as promised, a sneak peek of Black Friday – may we just say that it's gonna be epic? First we have an epic collaboration piece that many have been waiting for. Here's a little teaser... But you only have 24 hours to make your purchase, on Black Friday itself, so don't shit on it.

SIT. Dammit, autocorrect... 

There will also be shipping discounts, VIP point boosts and even freebies, so make sure you come right back on Black Friday, 23rd Nov, to join in the party!

Bigger Micro Anatomic Daruma (Prosperity Edition) releases Saturday, 17 Nov, 9am (NYC) 10pm (SGP) 2pm (LDN). Remember to follow us on Instagram for more cool stuff and updates!




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