16 May 2018

I Donut Care by Abell Octovan

Haters... Hipsters... Not getting to have dessert before meals...

There are so many things that stop us from having fun in life if we're gonna care about everything little damned thing. So this May, representing everyone's lack of fucks to spare for these nitty-gritty stuff, we've arranged for a delivery of "I Donut Care".

Resin version created by Abell Octovan. Photo belongs to Abell Octovan.

Designed by Jakarta, Indonesia based designer and producer Abell Octovan, this design is his visual representation of the world today. There are so many distractions around and perhaps the best way is to care less. Not to say that caring is bad or we should be careless (get it? careless?), but being too concerned with what's not of priority or not our business, just takes away the joy in life.


To accompany this super fun release, we are having a FLASH LUCKY DRAW over at Facebook. Simply go to this link before 17 May 11pm EDT, remember to comment and tag, and stand a chance to win "I Donut Care" by Abell Octovan (worth $129USD)! It's even better than free donuts!

So head over to Facebook and have a mighty weekend chilling out!




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