02 Oct 2019


We're 7 and loving it! To celebrate this special occasion, we held a giveaway for 7 different products, some iconic pieces from the past, some exclusives, and some unreleased ones! All you had to do was follow us on our socials and subscribe to our newsletter to stand a chance to win, it really was so easy! The giveaway might be over but do follow us for more exciting releases and giveaways!

7th Anniversary Giveaway Winners List
**Each winner was randomly chosen**

Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street
Winner - Alfa Tsai

Balloon Dog Anatomy (GID) by Jason Freeny
Winner - Chanelle Panda

HUMPek (Rose Gold) by Whatshisname
Winner - Simon Lhermite

Events Exclusive Meowlting (Chocolate Edition) by ilovedoodle
Winner - @rummblestrips

Brick Baby Jr by Jason Freeny
Winner - @me0wvin

XXRAY Plus: Reptar
Winner - Takahiro Tan

A Wood Awakening (Classic Edition) by Juce Gace
Winner - Winfred Tam

Events Exclusive Jason Freeny XXRAY Pin Set
7 Winners:
Hwai Yih Goh (Facebook)
@christophercolinfong (Instagram)
@keith_artlife (Instagram)
Sharon (Pinterest)
Kate Seow (Newsletter)
Adam Kaufman (Newsletter)
Smitt Loha-Unchit (Newsletter)

Congratulations to our 14 winners! We have contacted you for prize redemption, do check your DMs/emails for further instructions to claim your prize if you haven't already done so. 
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all our amazing fans for your support through these mighty amazing 7 years! Here's to more dope releases! ♥️


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