04 Sep 2018


bma daruma art figure

Did you know? A Daruma Doll always returns to its upright position when knocked over!

This is known as: okiagari (起き上がり). “Oki” means get up and “agari” means arise. A Daruma Doll symbolises the ability to overcome and recover from hardships on the mission to reaching your goals.

The Daruma Doll has a strong connection to the phrase “Nanakorobi”, which means “Seven times down, eight times up”. It means to get up every time you fall down, a pretty motivating message. Especially on Monday mornings... 

bma daruma art figure

The auspicious doll is round and does not have any legs or arms, but the Bigger Micro Anatomic (Daruma Red) keeps its humanoid form intact - hands, legs, skeleton, and guts of course. Like the original Daruma Doll, the collectible BMA Daruma Red shares its crane shaped eyebrows, turtle shell cheeks, gold details, and of course, the auspicious red colour.

The Kanji character written on its back is "fuku", which means good fortune. It's no wonder why the Daruma figure is so popular. Who doesn't like some good fortune to be invited into their house? Just a little shout-out here too, to our beloved Maruma, inspired by the same concept of the Daruma figure, but with a minimal and Singaporean take.

bma daruma art figure

This brand new colorway for the ever-popular Bigger Micro Anatomic is the first oriental-styled one, and we're lovin' it! Making its debut this weekend at Beijing Toy Show 2018 (7 - 9 September), a limited number of stocks have been made available only for the event. But fret not, you can also pre-order it this week from the website (www.mightyjaxx.com) and you'll get it before the year ends! Only a total of 300 pcs limited edition worldwide though, get it fast and don't let your dreams slip through your fingers.


Perhaps you have big dreams in life, but this week, we want to fulfil someone's bigger micro dream – to win a Bigger Micro Anatomic (Daruma Red)!  Click right HERE to Facebook and find out how you can win this glorious art figure! GOOD LUCK!
Contest ends Thursday 6 Sept 10pm EDT. Lucky draw will be carried out over Insta Story (@mightyjaxx) and winner will be informed via Facebook Message.
Bigger Micro Anatomic (Daruma Red) by Jason Freeny releases for pre-order this Saturday, 8 Sept 2018, at 10 a.m. EDT on www.mightyjaxx.com!




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