18 Jan 2018

XXRAY PLUS: Foo Dogs (Terracotta Set)

This week, we are excited to unveil our latest pair of dissected Foo Dogs, just in time for the upcoming Lunar New Year! These imperial guardian lions are traditionally viewed as mystical gatekeepers of power, unity and protection; warding off all evils. For 2018, they come coated in a beautiful shade of terracotta with gold accents. Terracotta is an earthy colour which epitomizes stability whilst Gold symbolizes prosperity and abundance. The Foo Dogs should be displayed closely together instead of apart, with the most auspicious placement being, the female on the left and the male on the right.

For this edition of Foo Dogs, we wrecked our brains to ideate an impressive colourway to one up it’s earlier predecessors. Of course it goes without saying, the collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, was a huge inspiration as we dug deeper into traditional sculptures that have roots in certain Chinese traditions.

However, it was a flower pot that we saw one day that gave us the affirming nod of assurance that this is what we wanted to create. The mere imagination of what the outcome could be got our bones shaking with excitement. Armed with a stack of gold leaf foil and several warm paints, we got down and dirty painting the perfect hue that closely resembled such terracotta pots.


It was only after multiple attempts did a triumphant smile emerged as we finally attained the colour accompanied with a weathered finish. And believe it or not, gold leaf foil could possibly be one of the most frustrating materials we’ve ever worked with. A mere breeze would thwart our feeble attempts when strategically applying them onto the figure.

But giving up wasn’t an option, so we got to sticking them bit by bit and now we proudly present you the XXRAY+ Foo Dogs Terracotta. With all the evil and ill-luck banging on our doors, what better than having these beasts protect us against them. Putting our hearts at ease, delighting our eyes.

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