Yoskay Yamamoto

Sideways (Sunset Edition) by Yoskay Yamamoto

$ 150.00

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Based on Yoskay Yamamoto’s custom piece from his solo show “Joke’s On Me”, Sideways makes a return this week!

This special piece is a piece of art – casted in clear resin, painted with a wash of violet-to-tangerine gradient and finally, finished with a matte frosted glass effect. 

Capturing the dream-like state of Yoskay’s works in a beautiful gradient sunset colour, join him and lie on your side as you contemplate the rich and varied dyes of the glorious sunset that brings truth to all that you are.

Note: Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ. 

7" (18cm) Resin art toy
Free shipping worldwide
Frosted-glass effect finishing
Limited edition of 200 
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Yoskay Yamamoto

Yoskay Yamamoto


Born and raised in Toba, Japan. Yoskay moved to the United States at the age of 15. A self-trained illustrator, Yamamoto's artistic tastes expanded as he fell in love with the urban culture of the West Coast. Yamamoto discovered a way to fuse the two different cultural backgrounds together into his work. Yamamoto nostalgically blends pop iconic characters from his new Western home with traditional and mythical Japanese elements, balancing his Asian heritage with urban pop art.

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