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Here comes a new challenger!

Standing 12” tall, this world-famous video game character and deuteragonist from the Street Fighter series is here to Hurricane Kick some asses! Bringing down the roof this week is Bulkyz Collection: Street Fighter Ryu by BigBoysToys, in his immediately recognisable white karate gi, red headband and gloves, as well as black belt
. No details were left out, as his belt even has the Fuurinkazan kanji inscribed on it. The special 2D animation color with sharply painted shadows and vintage game-like contouring gives this figure a unique graphic look, while his articulated head and limbs mean endless posing and positioning possibilities!

We are proud to be bringing you 48 pcs of this power-packed art figure by BigBoysToys!

12" (30cm) Vinyl Art Collectible
Blister-packed in Windowed Display Box
No Assembling Required
48 Pcs Available 

Ships Late September/ Early October





The people who made this possible.



Collective Brand

Established in 2014, BigBoysToys Company Limited is a collectible brand, devoted to designing, developing and producing high quality Licensed Figures and accessories. We started the business from producing official Capcom licensed Street Fighter diorama Figures, “The New Challenger” series (T.N.C.), which features the retro sound and LED effect of each Street Fighter’s character on their own stage.

The BigBoysToys brand is widely acclaimed in different parts of the world with products sold by our strategic worldwide distributors to over 20 countries including the Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, South East Asia, United States, Japan and Greater China.

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