Panda Ink: 6" Huat The Fuck (Yin)

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To usher in the upcoming Lunar New Year with a bang, our 6-inch Panda Ink: Huat the Fuck is making his stunning return this auspicious occasion! To make it e(ight)xtra special and that much prosperous this twenty-EIGHTteen, we threw out Panda’s old skateboard and got him an 8-figure silver coin with a dog imprint being the Year of the Dog and silver being one of the lucky colours this year.

But here's another fun fact in case you weren't aware of this previously: our Huat the Fuck Panda is also the EIGHTH figure in our Panda Ink series! Now hurry add this lucky charm to your home today. 

SRP: USD$88.00 / pc
6" (15cm) Vinyl Art Collectible with Metal Coin
Limited Edition
Product Ships in March 2018

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Cacooca’s brand philosophy and aesthetic style speak closely to the heart of the artist himself. Believing that life is merely a process with a multitude of emotions that changes with time and circumstances, Cacooca uses figure sculpting as a vehicle to best express himself. In fact, most of his unique Panda creations are a comic representation of his personality and emotions.

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