Maruma by Supermama X MJ (Original Edition)

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Close to the heart of Japanese, Daruma mimics the silhouette of Bodhidharma in a state of deep meditation, embodying the determined spirit and peaceful outlook on life; Part fish and part lion, the Merlion pays tribute to Singapore’s transformation from a down-to-earth fishing village to a city, personifying a lion’s fearless nature.

Maruma celebrates the union of these two cultures— Japan’s Ganbaru spirit representing grit and perseverance; Singapore’s humble roots and symbol of courage moving forward into the future.

6" (15cm) Vinyl Art Toy 
Collaboration between Supermama and Mighty Jaxx
Limited Edition of 200
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The people who made this possible.




Supermama is a little gallery shop based in Singapore. At Supermama, we collect and create meaningful objects, and hope to engage every consumer as an individual, curating a space to allow each to slow down. 

We work closely with some of the best Singapore designers and Japanese crafts facilities to produce meaningful local souvenirs.

With direct partnerships with multi-generational Japanese crafts facilities (in metal smithing, porcelain making, woodcrafting, glass blowing etc.), we seek to present some of the finest collection of products to our audience. 

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