Vomit Kid by OKEH (Fast Food Red)

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Welcome to Vomit Kid! What would you like to have today? Five barf-burger sets up-sized? Coming right up!

Bleagh, sick! Have you ever eaten so much junk food that you wanna throw it all up? That is what Vomit Kid is about – a need for all the filth and unpleasantries in us to be expelled completely! A truly cleansing experience!

In a red, yellow and white theme, Vomit Kid (Fast Food Red) reminds us of a familiar fast-food restaurant mascot. He is painted vanilla-milkshake-white with clown-like nose and lips, and chili-red hair to complete the look. Turn this bad boy around and you’ll find a smiley face imprinted on the back of his red t-shirt, reminding us of the happy mealtimes we had as kids at fast-food restaurants.

And watch out for that blast of vomit! This time, his vomit is a transparent, oil-like gush, tying in with the concept of getting rid of all the oily junk that he has in his body! This is the first clear-vinyl vomit in the Vomit Kid collection.

Vomit Kid (Fast Food Red) stands at 8", is made of vinyl, and comes with an iron-on patch to match. In a limited edition of 300 pcs only, this is a must-have for all Vomit Kid lovers! You gotta be lovin’ it!

8" (20cm) Tall Soft Vinyl Art Collectible
Packed in PE Bag with Custom Card Header
Comes with a Matching Iron-On Patch
Limited Edition of 300 pcs
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OKEH has been working as a graphic designer and art director for street wear brand "Buried Alive" for about 9 years from 2006 to 2014.

Since then, he has worked with graphic designer Nam Moo-hyeon to open the Palindrome Studio, where he has been working on branding, art directing, and graphic design.

It has been actively influenced by the punk rock and skateboard art and design of the 70s and 80s.

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