Bitchy Rich by ABCNT (Prison Break Edition)

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Stop that man! The orange loudmouth has broken out of prison! His insatiable need to spread fake news has motivated him in his escape, love him or hate him, he’s back to spread more madness! With his big black bow of deception, crocodile tear drop tattoo, he is on the hunt for a new target to tweet about!

The devil’s number adorns his jacket to match his evil dirty ways, perhaps most apt is the “bankrupt” tattooed on his face! Even with overflowing greens he remains emotionally bankrupt and alone. Look away from his heavy fake tan and perfectly combed toupee! Save yourself from his pouty mouth of lies!

Bitchy Rich (Prison Break Edition) made its debut at DCON2019 and is now available to purchase online in limited quantities.

 8" Vinyl Art Toy
Limited Edition
Sealed in Clear Bag with Printed Header Card
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ABCNT is a Los Angeles based, sociopolitical activist/anarchist, the product of mid-nineties expressionism and new-millennium activism, who describes himself as “[a] real west coast hip-hop fanatic, with a kind of militant attitude towards consciousness.” And how does he execute his expression and voice? Through avenues in politically charged street art and music.

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