Shipping Dates

Last Updated Tuesday, 18th July, 2017

Hi collectors, we have introduced this shipping guide with the launch of our new website, so you can have all the information at a glance. Our shipping periods are in quarters and will update to reflect the month once we are closer to the actual shipping date. 

*Update* Our Panda Hikes have finished packing for their trip and are ready to start their journey to you. Do keep a look out for the details of their travels in your email accounts!

Pre-ordered Products Shipping Period

XXRAY Shazam, Hawkgirl, Batman Yellow Lantern

25 July 2017
4D XXRAY Batman
XXRAY Bugs Bunny, Tweety 
25 July 2017
Brick Baby Rosie by Jason Freeny 31 July 2017
Popek by Whatshisname (Red Edition)
Popek by Whatshisname (Pink Edition)

XXRAY Lex Luthor, Reverse Flash, Green Arrow

3rd Quarter 2017
Bigger Micro Anatomic (Red) by Jason Freeny 3rd Quarter 2017
Hike by Panda INK

25 July 2017

Socks the dissected cat by 4D Master
XXRAY Daffy Duck, Taz, Marvin the Martian 3rd Quarter 2017
Backpack (Invisible) by Alex Pardee
Washizu by Staple X James Jean 3rd Quarter 2017
Baby Puft by Alex Solis 31 July 2017
XXRAY Jake, Finn, BMO 3rd Quarter 2017
Marathon by Panda INK 31 July 2017
Skull Bomb (Daisy Edition)
3rd Quarter 2017
Anatomical Chocolate Easter Bunny 
3rd Quarter 2017
Panda Ink : Mafia
3rd Quarter 2017
Gold Life : Golden Claw
3rd Quarter 2017
XXRAY Robin, Catwoman, Supergirl
4th Quarter 2017
XXRAY Muay Thai (Red Corner)
3rd Quarter 2017
BackPack (Icy Grape) By Alex Pardee
Panda Ink: Punch 3rd Quarter 2017
Vomiting Kid By OKEH 3rd Quarter 2017
Gold Life 8' Soul Collector By Huck Gee 3rd Quarter 2017
XXRAY Golden Age series 4th Quarter 2017
PEEpek by Whatshisname (Red Edition) 4th Quarter 2017
Panda Ink: Gamer 4th Quarter 2017
Bitchy Rich by ABCNT 3rd Quarter 2017
XXRAY PLUS: 8" Foo Dogs (Twin Set) 4th Quarter 2017
Super Kaiju Corps: Tempura-San 3rd Quarter 2017
Popek by Whatshisname (Black Edition) 4th Quarter 2017
Brick Baby Junior By Jason Freeny
4th Quarter 2017
DogBird By Third Stage  4th Quarter 2017
Super Kaiji Corps: Amefuri Kozou 
4th Quarter 2017
Toshi Neko Alley Kat By ClogTwo
4th Quarter 2017