Shipping Dates

Last updated Thursday 19th October, 2017

Dear collectors,

Here you will find the relevant shipping dates for all your preorders.

Our items go into production immediately after you make a purchase and this page was created for the sole purpose of keeping you, our backers, informed.

We will reflect all updates here as we move closer to the shipping quarters and when significant production progress has been made.

Thank you for your support and patience, it means the world to us and the artists we work with.


At long last the wait is over! All our Bigger Micros have shipped! As they've just been sent out, do note that your trackers will take some time to update and you should see some progress by the end of next week! 

Panda Ink: Punch, Marathon, Mafia have passed our QC phase and will be leaving our warehouse tomorrow. Trackers will be sent in batches over the next two weeks so don't fret if you don't get yours immediately!

Goldenclaws (OG) have gone out and everyone should have received their trackers. Do email in if you haven't gotten yours yet and we'll sort things out for you!

Holy marshmallows! Our little Baby Pufts are ready to terrorize New York (and your homes). Get ready to be creamed by this tiny terror as shipping has now begun *cues dramatic music*.

Anatomical Chocolate Easter Bunny (both OG and Strawberry variants) together with our beloved VIP Daisy Skull Bomb have experienced a slight delay due to packaging issues and will be shipping out in November and December respectively. The items themselves are complete! 

Unfortunately Rosie needs a little more time to get dressed as her shiny new coat doesn't quite fit; she'll be ready in the 4th quarter. No peeking guys!


Pre-ordered Products Shipping Period
War Mouse by Clogtwo Shipped
War Mouse by Clogtwo (Riot Blue) Shipped
War Mouse by Clogtwo (Pitch Black) Shipped
4D XXRAY Batman Shipped
Hike by Panda INK Shipped
Socks the dissected cat by 4D Master Shipped
XXRAY Shazam, Hawkgirl, Batman Yellow Lantern
XXRAY Bugs Bunny, Tweety 
5th Anniversary Mystery Bag
Gold Life : Golden Claw Shipped
Bigger Micro Anatomic (Red, Schematic and Junior)
Marathon by Panda INK
Issuing trackers
Panda Ink : Mafia
Issuing trackers
Panda Ink: Punch Issuing trackers
Baby Puft by Alex Solis
XXRAY Muay Thai (Red Corner) Shipping
Super Kaiju Corps: Tempura-San Shipping
Vomiting Kid By OKEH (Original Edition) Shipping
Popek by Whatshisname (White Edition) Shipping
Vomiting Kid By OKEH (White Edition) Shipping
Popek by Whatshisname (Black Edition) Shipping
Brick Baby Junior By Jason Freeny Shipping
Panda Ink: Gamer Shipping
Chum the Dissected Shark Shipping
Welcome to the Dark $ide By Timmysneaks x D'ussé Shipping
Baby Puft by Alex Solis (GID) by Alex Solis October 2017
Gold Life 8' Soul Collector By Huck Gee
November 2017
Washizu by Staple X James Jean November 2017
Anatomical Chocolate Easter Bunny (Snow Edition) November 2017
Panda Ink: 6" Huat The Fuck Edition November 2017
Anatomical Chocolate Easter Bunny (OG, Strawberry) November 2017
Maruma By Supermana x Mighty Jaxx (Original Edition) November 2017
Popek by Whatshisname (Paddle Pop Edition) November 2017
PEEpek by Whatshisname (Red Edition) November 2017
DogBird By Third Stage  November 2017
Brick Baby Maxzilla by Jason Freeny November 2017
Bitchy Rich by ABCNT December 2017
XXRAY Jake, Finn, BMO December 2017
Skull Bomb (Daisy Edition) December 2017
Brick Baby Rosie By Jason Freeny December 2017
XXRAY PLUS: 8" Foo Dogs (Twin Set+Ivory) December 2017
Super Kaiji Corps: Amefuri Kozou  December 2017
XXRAY Lex Luthor, Reverse Flash, Green Arrow 4th Quarter 2017
XXRAY Daffy Duck, Taz, Marvin the Martian 4th Quarter 2017
XXRAY Robin, Catwoman, Supergirl 4th Quarter 2017
Toshi Neko: Alley Kat By ClogTwo
4th Quarter 2017
Darwin's Revenge by Paul Jackson 4th Quarter 2017
Panda Ink: Cat 4th Quarter 2017
Toshi Neko: Nekoro By ClogTwo 4th Quarter 2017
Beary Efficient Bear (Golden Sun & Grizzly Brown) 4th Quarter 2017
Toshi Neko: Kweeny By ClogTwo 4th Quarter 2017
XXRAY Golden Age series 1st Quarter 2018
XXRAY Plus - Elmo
1st Quarter 2018
Panda Ink: Fish 1st Quarter 2018
XXRAY Plus - Tweety Bird 1st Quarter 2018
XXRAY Plus - Marvin the Martian 1st Quarter 2018
Baby Terrors: Baby Alien 1st Quarter 2018
Staple x Ron English 2nd Quarter 2018
Fairest Of Them All By Djohan 2nd Quarter 2018
4D XXRay Joker  2nd Quarter 2018
A Wood Awakening By Juce Gace 2nd Quarter 2018