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Supersized A Wood Awakening by Juce Gace

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Not content having become a real boy, and not content with finding love, what more does he desire? To grow up! Longing to experience the joys being a teen brings - from watching R-rated movies to spending time in clubs - wishing once more as he fell asleep... 

Waking up to find his feet hanging off his bed and an extra tall tent in front of him, jumping off his bed, he realises he has grown! With plans to watch all the R-rated movies there are and to get so incredibly wasted, he paints the town red with his copious package.

The debut figure in our brand new Supersized line of figures that blows up your favourite Mighty Jaxx toys into epic proportions, the Supersized A Wood Awakening stands at 50cm tall from head to toe, more than double the size of the original!


Note: Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ slightly

20" (50cm) Premium Vinyl Art Toy
24-hour Time-limited release
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Juce Gace

Juce Gace

Graphic Designer

Screenwriter by day and illustrator by night, Paris-based creative Julien Gallet aka Juce Gace is spreading smiles all around with his childhood-inspired toys, pins, street art and other pop culture collectibles. In his own words: “To entertain you is a pleasure and a real privilege.”

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