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The BackPack by Alex Pardee (OG)

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This weekend, we are proud to announce our first collaboration with Alex Pardee, THE BACKPACK!

An illustrator by trade, Alex ( who has created art work for the likes of The Used and In Flames ) has poured every drop of blood, sweat and tears that he has into conceiving the gruesomely spoofy nightmarish monster's that lurk under the bed of his imagination. 

Every brawn needs a brain, and every brain needs a best friend! Two lonely treasure hunters, PACK & BACK, lived on opposite ends of the land of YUX, where they embarked separately on many quests in search of ancient artifacts scattered around the vibrant landscapes.

However, both PACK & BACK also had their share of limitations by adventuring alone. PACK was obsessed with dirt and studying the different types of soil, deducting where buried treasures may lie, but lacked the strength and skill to dig. BACK, on the other hand, was strong and LOVED digging for treasure. He was obsessed with the dirt, too, but that's because he liked EATING it! One day, PACK & BACK crossed paths while scouring the shores of a poisonous bog, and unexpectedly became immediate friends after sharing their mutual love for dirt.

It was from that point on, that the new best friends shared their skills and abilities with each other, forming...THE BACKPACK, the greatest treasure hunters in the land of YUX.

*prototype image, final product may have slight changes.

Polystone Art Collectible
Figure: 8.5" tall
Foam packed in premium box
Limited Edition of 200
Product ships 1st Quarter 2017




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