Luke Chueh

Bat Bear by Luke Chueh (Black Gold)

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We are proud to present Bat Bear by Luke Chueh for this limited release! Based off Luke's original painting from 2007, we spent a year working closely with Luke to develop it into a collectible bust. This is the 2nd Edition, Black bear with Chrome Gold cape. 

Though "Bat Bear" was originally created for a Batman themed art show, I'm not really a Batman fan.  I guess this is why I chose to not replicate Batman as we know him from comic books, but rather, I created a costumed "hero" rooted in the world I exist in. 

If a costumed vigilante existed in the real world, the impression he'd most likely make would be that of an insane person. This feeling would be reinforced by the fact that his costume would probably be an amalgam of random bits and pieces. The mask the Bat Bear wears is actually inspired by a similar bondage/fetish mask Enid from Daniel Clowes' "Ghost World" wears. At the same time, he has a blanket wrapped around his neck (as opposed to a super heroe style cape) the same way a child would wrap their bed sheet around themselves why screaming "I'm Batman!"  

I guess what I'm saying is, "Bat Bear" is a subtle critique of the fantasy world we read in comics, contrasted with my understanding of the real world, and illustrated in a cartoon / pop-art style.

Luke Chueh

12" Polystone Art Collectible
Limited Edition of 100
Foam Packed in Printed Box 
Product will ship April 2017 (Due to CNY holidays)




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