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Bigger Micro Anatomic (Daruma Red)

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Plain white eyes? Cranes for eyebrows? Turtle shell cheeks? Golden brushstrokes? Bright auspicious red? That’s right, it’s a Daruma Doll! A symbol of good luck in Japan, it represents patience and perseverance. The Daruma is symbolic for never giving up on your dreams, personifying Okiagari. “Oki” means get up and “agari” means arise.

Combining the classic features of Jason Freeny’s Bigger Micro Anatomic and the iconic designs of the Daruma Doll, this fusion is one worth treasuring! Let the Bigger Micro Anatomic (Daruma Red) motivate you towards your goals and aspirations as you work towards them!

11" (27cm) ABS Art Collectible
Limited Edition of 300
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Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny


Jason’s early success as an artist came with his creations of a series fictional anatomical character schematics and illustrations in 2007 but was most noted when he began creating anatomical toy sculptures shortly after. His sculptural and illustration work has been the basis for several mass produced toys.

Armed with a youthful, overactive imagination, Jason creates smart, intricate works that tickle the deviant intellect through a mix of hard graphics, detailed anatomy, pop iconography and wit.

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