Funny Anatomy

Clear Gummi Bear Funny Anatomy

$ 45.00

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The gorgeously creepy Gummi Bear Funny Anatomy is a 41-part sculpture depicting the bones and organs of a majestic gummy bear. Created by pop-culture artist Jason Freeny, the do-it-yourself model features a snap-together skeleton, detachable organs, and even a removable skullcap for viewing the Gummy Bear's brain!

The 8.5-inch tall model is encased in a transparent plastic shell for easy viewing and display. The Gummy Bear Anatomy Model features easy assembly and loads of adorable creepiness.

8.5" ABS Art Collectible
Some assembly required 
Blister Packed in Printed Box 
Product will ship in January 2017
Photo shown of actual product, due to lighting, actual color may differ slightly




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