Huck Gee

Gold Life: Tapso the Ornery Panda

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A formerly talented sword master and member of a well known peace keeping squad in the capital, Tapso rose amongst the ranks to become one of the elite bodyguards of his Daimyo. He excelled in his duties and had an impeccable record but one night, during a rather brutal assassination attempt, he lost his entire squad and many members of the royal house. Afterward, broken and lost, his troubled soul got the better of him. Losing himself in drink, he became more well known as a gambler and a drunk. Short on words, the golden sheen of his eyes found blurred by sake more often than not, this is Tapso the "Ornery Panda”.

Mighty Jaxx International Pte Ltd

Vinyl Art Collectible
Blister packed in printed box
Figure: 8" (20cm)
Limited Edition of 200

*Prototype shown, final product may differ

Product Ships in 2nd Quarter 2018





The people who made this possible.

Huck Gee

Huck Gee


Huck Gee is a contemporary artist, illustrator, designer and toy maker based in San Francisco, California. Huck is a driving force in the world of ‘Art Toys’ and is widely known known for the amazing worlds of toys that he develops. He hand crafts small runs of handmade figures that sell out instantly online to a global clientele. His production toy designs have brought him international acclaim and are highly prized.

Huck’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries worldwide, he has journeyed on numerous international signing tours and has had his art published in an ungodly amount of books and magazines.

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