Panda Ink: Mafia

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Welcome to the dark side. With a firearm and a briefcase full of cold hard cash in his hands, Panda Mafia will stop at nothin' to get rich or he’ll die tryin’! Catch a glimpse of this pand(a)monium as we know that his sneaky business has only just begun…

Panda Ink is an original collection designed and developed by artist Cacooca and Mighty Jaxx. Look out for monthly new limited releases!

4" (10cm) PVC Art Collectible
Limited Edition 

Shipping in progress





The people who made this possible.




Cacooca’s brand philosophy and aesthetic style speak closely to the heart of the artist himself. Believing that life is merely a process with a multitude of emotions that changes with time and circumstances, Cacooca uses figure sculpting as a vehicle to best express himself. In fact, most of his unique Panda creations are a comic representation of his personality and emotions.

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