Popek by Whatshisname (White Edition)

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POPek The Squatting Balloon Dog by London-based artist, Whatshisname, demonstrates his integration of contemporary art with everyday subjects. By regenerating popular and overused ideas, he gives life to typical pop art pieces and avoids conforming to common approaches on subjects.
The original bright red edition of POPek was a sell-out and we expect nothing less of this white counterpart! The squatting balloon dog might be a shade darker but is every bit as cheeky as before, leaving behind his balloon turd everywhere he goes!

8" (20cm) Vinyl Art Collectible with a little poop
Blister packed in printed box
Limited Edition Of 200

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Whatshisname lives and works in London, UK.
He started creating his first digital art at the age of 7 while using an Atari 130 XE. After moving to London in 2006 and having worked as an assistant to several well established British artists, he starting creating works using both digital and traditional mediums.
The aim of his art is to express what cannot be expressed with words. He wants to encourage the viewer to look at the surrounding world and question it in derisive, unorthodox way.
An alias “Whatshisname” is inspired by the fact that he had trouble remembering other artists’ names and by the Green Day’s song “Whatshername”.

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