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Mighty Jaxx launches the 2nd book of our SESSIONS series! Featuring Popular illustrator and artist Alex Solis and his amazing artworks including the famous Chunkies. Alex is well known for his extensive works with Threadless, Sony, Marvel and many more notable brands. This case bind book features full colour printing to showcase his artworks in its full glory!

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Alex Solis

Alex Solis


Alex Solis’ life long passion is art, even when he takes a day off, he is still doodling.

Realizing at a young age that the stereotype of the starving artist might actually impede his ability to pay the bills, Solis decided to focus on Design and Web development. Learning code and design helped him with his art in order to add a more visual and concept driven look to everything he creates. This has lead him to push his art to a new level which has allowed him to travel the world with his art, and share his story through public speaking gigs.

Alex Solis currently resides in Wisconsin where he works full time on his own brand Oddworx. When he’s not working on art, he spends most of his time with his wife, two kids, and his English Bulldog. (follow him @beanburritobulldog)

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