Super Kaiju Corps


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Tempura-San lived a fairly average life, he runs a little tempura stall in Tokyo, where he gets enough income to supply his daily needs. He was contented.
Until one day, an accident involving a nuclear waste truck rendered him horribly disfigured.
Despite his mutation, Tempura-San is completely powerless and doesn’t seem to cause any harm. In fact, he is often bullied by kids around the neighbourhood, constantly gets pecked by crows, and even spotted crying alone in a corner several times.
"Tempura-San now works as a mascot for a tempura restaurant."


Mighty Jaxx International Pte Ltd

6" (15cm) Sofubi Collectible

Product Ships in 3rd Quarter 2017





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Super Kaiju Corps

Super Kaiju Corps


The future has come and Earth is at war with Kaijus. These colossal monsters, mutants and creatures have finally emerged from an inter-dimensional portal to wreak havoc on our very planet. We have to capture them all before they destroy our cities and wipe out the entire human race!

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